Dog Playing Soccer

Whereas it might be arduous to think about your loved one Fido out on a discipline dribbling a soccer ball, taking pictures on a purpose and scoring, in truth there are lots of canine that just do that-and find it irresistible! Whether or not you’ve got seen them strut theirContinue Reading

Cool Facts About Polydactyl Cats

Cats are fairly cool however there’s none cooler than a cat with additional toes. Most cats have 18 toes however some have a couple of additional making them polydactyl. Polydactyl is of Greek origin, “poly” means many and “daktylos” means digits. Being polydactyl is just not uncommon in cats. MostContinue Reading

Cats scratch furniture to mark their territory with their scent and to sharpen their claws. Cats may also scratch furniture because they are bored or stressed. While scratching furniture is a natural instinct for cats, it can be difficult for owners to deal with the aftermath of such a destructiveContinue Reading

When a puppy becomes a member of your family, natural dog food is a fundamental part of caring for him. Your responsibility is to give your pet the best to keep it happy and healthy. Everyone wants the best result for their pet. Therefore, it is necessary to have aContinue Reading

Do you want a loyal friend who will always be there for you? Do you want a dog who is playful and easy to care for? Are you looking for a breed that is known for being intelligent and having a good temperament? If any of this sounds like you,Continue Reading

The last thing any cat owner wants to hear in the middle of the night is their cat gagging. Nobody appreciates this “gift” that their cat is most likely leaving on a carpet. The good news though is that the frequency of hairballs can be reduced. The makers of modernContinue Reading

Winters can be harsh enough not only for humans but our beloved pussy cats also. Cats are resourceful, but they require shelter as the weather cools. Cats may acquire frostbite or hypothermia when it gets too cold. Countless stray cats need your little attention to stay cozy and safe inContinue Reading

Bulldogs have a negative reputation regarding their aggression, but are they really aggressive? Not at all! Bulldogs are so loyal, warmhearted, gentle, and affectionate, just like all other breeds of dogs. They are not aggressive by nature but may become violent if provoked. Bulldog aggressiveness and dominance are innate toContinue Reading