All You Need To Know While Buying a Kitten in Singapore

All You Need To Know While Buying a Kitten in Singapore

Purchasing a new kitten that was up for a sale can be the best decision you have ever made as they are wonderful pets. Though they require some grooming, they can be house-trained easily and are naturally clean and well behaved animals. Cats are great companions, are independent and are capable of amusing and taking care of themselves. But still you should keep certain things in mind that might help you in becoming a good pet kitten owner. Type:

When searching for kittens for sale in Singapore you must first make up your mind for the type of cat that you are looking for. If you are purchasing a family pet, the primary concern should be to find out if it is healthy and happy. Healthy kittens always have a glossy coat along with bright shiny eyes. In case you are purchasing a cat so as to breed or for show purposes, then you should make sure that you get to see the mother of the kitten chosen by you, as this cat can give you a slight hint for the look of its offspring when it grows up. Feeding: Knowing what to feed your kitten is extremely important as giving the wrong food can result in many health problems. Kittens for sale in Singapore might be on a special diet prescribed specifically for a certain type between the age of 4-6 weeks. You should also make sure that your cat has an access to fresh and clean water. Vaccinations: Once you picked out your favorite kitten and at the same time the kitten is also settled in to your home and has adapted to its new environment, the first thing you need to do is to arrange an appointment with the best vet for its vaccinations. The first vaccination has to be given at 8 weeks and then at 12 weeks in order to give it protection against various diseases. Kids in the house: If you have toddlers or infants, it would be a smart choice to monitor their initial interactions with the kitten. Understandably, your kids would be pretty excited to have a new cat. But their enthusiasm might confuse or startle the kitty. Make sure that the children play or touch the kitty as often as possible. After all, this little, furry creature is now a part of your family. You do not want the cat or the children to become annoyed with too much attention and end up hurting each other. Remind the kids to be as gentle as they can and to give the kitten some extra space so as to get used to its surroundings.

Other pets: If you have other pets, ensure that they are away from the new kitten. You might put your the other animals in some separate room for some time for giving the cat enough time to explore its home. Give it a separate area for the initial days, as it will help it to adjust to your family faster. For more information on kittens for sale in Singapore visit:

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