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Top 5 Apps to Have As a Dog Parent ( Find the Best!)

Did you just get a dog or are you planning to get one soon? Here are a few apps that will save your life as a dog parent.

Our team has comprehensively reviewed multiple apps in each category and filtered down to these essentials. As dog parents ourselves, we’ve used many of these services ourselves. 

Let’s get started to find the best app for You!

Furbo is a brand of dog camera that allows pet owners to monitor their dogs remotely. It typically includes features such as a camera, two-way audio, barking alerts, and treat-tossing capabilities.

The device connects to a smartphone app, allowing users to check in on their pets, interact with them, and even dispense treats while away from home.

Furbo and similar pet cameras have become popular among pet owners who want to stay connected with their furry companions while they’re out.

BringFido is a must-have app for dog-friendly travel. It helps you find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, and other attractions.

You can also use it to book accommodations and make reservations at pet-friendly establishments, making it easier to plan trips with your furry friend.

It provides a comprehensive database of hotels, motels, vacation rentals, and bed-and-breakfasts that welcome pets. Users can search for accommodations based on their destination and filter results based on pet policies, price range, amenities, etc.

BringFido allows users to read reviews and ratings from other pet owners who have stayed at or visited pet-friendly establishments.

This helps users decide where to stay and what places suit their pets. In addition to reviews and ratings, it allows users to find pet-friendly activities and attractions at their travel destination.

This includes parks, beaches, hiking trails, restaurants with outdoor seating, and more. It helps provide travel tips and resources for pet owners, including information on pet travel regulations, packing lists, and safety tips.

Overall, BringFido is a valuable tool for pet owners who want to travel with their furry companions. It ensures a hassle-free experience by providing a wide range of pet-friendly options and resources.

Find a trustworthy neighborhood dog family to trade dog sitting favors with.

Woofyclub is an essential app for those looking to go on vacation without spending a fortune on a place to board your dog.

It is the only app that does peer-to-peer dog boarding and has a regular plan for free!

With the Woofy+ membership being at $49.99 a year, it is less than the cost of a single night of dog boarding anywhere else.

It allows you to select through different dog breeds, weights, the amount of shedding, ages, and locations.

The care is personalized to your dog, and there is less of a risk of your dog acquiring a disease as it would be much higher at a populated boarding.

It’s an excellent tool for keeping in touch with new neighbors and meeting new people in your proximity, as they can take in your dog and lend a hand.

Pawp is a comprehensive pet care app providing pet owners with various services and resources. It offers virtual veterinary consultations, emergency support, and access to pet insurance, among other features.

It connects pet owners with licensed veterinarians, allowing pet parents to get professional advice and guidance on their pet’s health and wellness without leaving their homes.

If there are sudden health crises, having immediate support can be invaluable for pet parents.

Pawp offers pet insurance plans to help cover the costs of veterinary care, including accidents, illnesses, and routine wellness visits. 

Puppr is a popular app designed to assist dog owners in training their furry companions. It offers step-by-step training lessons for various commands and tricks, video tutorials, and progress tracking.

Puppr features a community where users can connect with other dog owners, share training tips, and seek advice.

The app provides support from professional dog trainers, allowing users to ask questions and get personalized guidance on their training journey.

Whether you’re teaching your dog basic obedience or advanced tricks, Puppr is a valuable resource.

As a devoted dog parent, these apps can significantly improve your life and make dog ownership that much more rewarding. 

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