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CBD for Dogs and Frequently Asked Questions Which Can Provide Valuable Insight 

Do you own a dog? If you do, you are probably already well aware about the different ailments your four-legged friend might suffer from. Watching your pet go through various stages of suffering is no fun. Fortunately, there are options out there that can provide some relief to your pet. CBD has a variety of different benefits for both humans and animals.

CBD is growing in popularity for treating both common and uncommon ailments and illnesses. It is one of the compounds that is found in cannabis and is therefore all natural. It is different than THC (the other compound that makes up cannabis) in that it has no psychoactive properties: in other words, you won’t be getting your pet high.  This means your dog can get all the benefits without any of the negative side effects.

Can it help with anxiety?

There is plenty of new research out that suggests that CBD can help resolve anxiety in your dog. Anxiety can come in many forms. This includes food aggression or stress from being left home alone while you’re out working or grocery shopping.  CBD is intended to lower your dog’s anxiety so you can once again go out without worrying about having everything in your house torn up while you’re gone.  CBD can help with the aggression too, because most aggression is related to anxiety.

Does it help with joint pain and arthritis?

If you have a larger dog, you might have already noticed the joint pain and arthritis that is brought on by older age.  CBD can begin easing the pain of arthritis and joint pain. This will allow your dog to continue to enjoy himself, even as the years pass.  You wouldn’t want to suffer from these ailments and your pet doesn’t like to either.

How does it affect epilepsy?

Just like people, animals can suffer from diseases, illnesses, and chronic neurological disorders. This includes epilepsy. You can wish all you want that your dog never suffers from any of these problems, but unfortunately, it can happen. It can be both frightening and distressing to watch your pet suffer from seizures and it can definitely rack up quite the vet bill.  However, CBD has been shown to reduce the amount of seizures your dog suffers from.

Can it help with skin problems?

Teenagers are not the only ones who have to worry about embarrassing skin issues.  Plenty of people suffer from acne, even as they grow older.  It’s not just people who have these problems, though. Your dog can be stricken with anything from dry and itchy skin to skin that’s marred with pimples.  Research has shown that CBD can be helpful in treating these different issues in dogs as well as people.  Now you can make sure your dog is completely comfortable in his own skin by giving him some CBD treats to partake in.

There are several great benefits to giving your dog CBD, so make sure that if your dog has any of the above issues that you give CBD from CannaBiDog a try.

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