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What Type of Pet-Friendly Home Should Be in New York City?

In New York City, buildings are labeled as “pet-friendly” or not. The term is used to describe both dogs and cats, but it also includes certain kinds of reptiles. Small reptiles include non-snapping turtles. Urban farmers should note that hens and roosters are not allowed in New York City. Luckily, the city recently legalized beekeeping; renters must register their hives and maintain a safe distance from neighboring buildings.


The number of millennials who own pets has increased dramatically in recent years, and the new generation is no different. These homebuyers often place their pets’ needs above their own when looking for a new place to live. Many luxury landlords have taken notice, installing dog runs on their rental tower roofs or pet salons off the lobbies. But as the millennial population continues to grow, more pet-friendly amenities are becoming increasingly important.

The growing number of millennials looking for homes has two major benefits: more space for entertaining and more room for a dog. While millennials want to be close to their work, most apartment buildings and New York pet friendly rentals are unfriendly to pets. In addition, some millennials want to have a yard to walk their dogs or take them to the dog park. In a recent survey conducted by SunTrust Mortgage, millennials ranked the benefits of pet-friendly homes as amenities that make living with pets a pleasurable experience.

Small breeds

While many apartments in New York City allow pets, not all will. Small breeds are usually prohibited in some buildings, and large full-service buildings tend to be more expensive. In Manhattan, for example, you can find pet-friendly apartments in the Upper West Side. These properties have full-time doormen and are close to Central Park. However, be sure to research the rules for pets in the specific building you’re considering before you make your final decision.

First of all, remember that there are laws in place that limit which breeds of dogs and cats can live in New York. Several buildings in the city have breed restrictions, and some even have dog runs for large breeds. For this reason, big dogs such as Great Danes should spend more time looking for a pet-friendly home in New York. This is why working with an experienced broker is important.

Luxury buildings

If you love your furry friends, luxury pet-friendly homes in New York City may be perfect for you. Many luxury buildings have sprung up with pet-friendly amenities, including in-house dog-walking services and ‘daycare’ services. Many even have grooming stations to keep your pet looking its best. Some luxury buildings even have a social calendar for pets, such as dog-walking events and grooming sessions.


Many Manhattan buildings allow pets. If you are looking for a pet-friendly home, you may want to inquire about the pet policies of the building before you make an offer. While some buildings only allow cats, others may have a breed restriction, or no size limit. Some of the holy grail buildings allow pets of any breed. They may even have private dog runs, in-house grooming stations, and spas.

Living in the city with a pet isn’t always easy, but it’s becoming increasingly easier. In addition to more people bringing their dogs and cats, pet-friendly buildings are becoming more common in the city. Many buildings allow pets with restrictions and are now making them a standard amenity in luxury developments. But how does a new pet-friendly building differ from an old one?


If you’re moving to the Big Apple with your furry friend, you’ll need to consider where your dog will be most comfortable. A well-paved, pet-friendly sidewalk is a must. A neighborhood with frequent garbage cans is also highly desired. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best places to live in New York for people with dogs. But it is important to remember that not every neighborhood is a pet-friendly one.

There are many neighborhoods in NYC that allow pets, but some are more pet-friendly than others. Lower Manhattan has a high concentration of new construction, and developers cater to wealthy buyers, many of which are pet lovers. There are also many pet-friendly apartments in downtown Tribeca, where the proportion of cat owners is almost double the ratio of dog owners. In some neighborhoods, however, there are no laws in place for pet owners.

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