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Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Wedding

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Having an outdoor wedding in the Northeast always sounds so picturesque. Whether you are getting married by the ocean, or surrounded by gorgeous trees and foliage it can be the perfect spot to have the most important event of your life. While most brides worry about rain or bad weather happening on their big day, there is something else you need to worry about: mosquitos. At a wedding you want your guests smitten by all the love in the air, and not getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Spring & Summer time are usually prime wedding season (fall is also a gorgeous time), but this is also prime mosquito season. Even though we are at the end of prime wedding season it is still important to plan ahead especially if you are thinking about an outdoor ceremony or reception. So make sure if you’re planning a wedding, that you think about your guests who will be attending your special day and you don’t want them being attacked by mosquitos. Every bride wants her wedding to memorable; with all the effort that goes into menus, flower arrangements and end-of-night playlists, the last thing you want your guests to take away is memories of being swarmed by skeeters.

So protect your wedding guests from mosquitoes with these outdoor wedding tips.  Get hitched without the itch.

Be mindful of time and place:

When you are planning your wedding, picking a time of day is very important. While it is important to think about the sun light or how hot it is going to be at that time, you might also need to factor in peak mosquito times. Generally, the hours between dusk and dawn are when mosquitos are the most active. This unfortunately tends to coincide with wedding activities. You will want to take extra precautions if you’re planning an outdoor wedding during this time. While mosquitoes will bite at any time, it is still important to prepare the space during these active times. Getting barrier protection from Mosquito Guy Inc. is going to be your safest bet for you and your guests to have a safe and enjoyable time during your wedding.

It is important to remember that mosquitoes breed in standing water, and they tend ti not to travel far from where they breed. If you’re getting married by a lake or pond, then the chance of mosquito activity is very high. You will want to do what you can to reduce areas of standing water around your outdoor wedding, like ensuring any containers are drained well before guests. If you are getting married by a venue that specializes in weddings or outdoor events, then they might already do this, but you can still double check that this is being done.

Invest in mosquito barrier protection

There are a number of precautions and things you can do to protect your wedding guests from being bitten by mosquitoes, but none of these tactics will be as thorough and effective as mosquito barrier protection.

Hiring trained and licensed technicians to spray the wedding venue in advance can make sure that these uninvited pests don’t show up to your special day. It’s recommended to have the usuable space sprayed twice prior to the wedding. You will want this done once a week before the wedding, and again a day or two before. You want to pay close attention to the areas that your guests will be enjoying themselves in, places like tents, tables, and where the group photos will be taken. Mosquito Guy Inc technicians will specifically target any of the typical areas that mosquitoes live, rest, and hide, such as trees, shrubs, plants, grass, or under staircases.

Make use of outdoor fans

Mosquitoes are actually pretty weak fliers. Setting up outdoor fans around these popular areas can help keep them away from your guests, food and beverages. Even if you only have the fans set to low, you should be able to create enough airflow to keep mosquitoes from getting close to your wedding guests. Fans can also help disperse any carbon dioxide, which is a major attractant for mosquitoes. Also if it’s a particularly warm day, then the fans can help keep guests cool!

Give guests mosquito repellent

You can help save your guests’ skin from mosquito bites by supplying them with mosquito repellent. You can leave a some bottles in the washroom, or pop them in baskets around the reception area or the entrance to the venue. Be mindful of personal preference and try to supply both DEET and non-DEET options in case your guests prefer to use organic repellent.

Pick flowers that mosquitoes hate

Flowers are an important part of most traditional weddings. You have the bouqeuts the wedding party will carry, the flowers the flower girl will toss, and any flowers used as decoration throughout the ceremony or reception. Why not be strategic and choose flowers that will not only create make your wedding beautiful but also repel mosquitoes? You may want to consider floral arrangements with bee balm (monarda), floss flower (ageratum), lavender, or marigolds. On the other hand water lilies, water hyacinths, water lettuce, Taro, or papyrus attract mosquitos.

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