Matt Davies Harmony Communities Explains the Importance and Advantages of Shelter Pet Adoption


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, animals are capable of adding a lot of value to your life. They make you happy, won’t get mad at you when you wake them at 4 AM, and eat anything given by you as if it’s made by the best chef on the planet. Let’s check out the importance and advantages of shelter pet adoption.

The Advantages

  1. Save a life – For millions of animals across hundreds of thousands of pet shelters across the country, getting adopted is their only shot at life. These animals end up in shelters due to dire circumstances. Some of them are runaways from abusive owners, some are abandoned, and others have unique tragic stories that would break your heart.

They go through a lot of suffering and pain before ending up in a shelter. Adopting them and showing them your care and love is all they need to be happy and content. Just a little bit of your kindness goes a long way for these animals.

  1. Rescues make incredible first pets – If you’re looking to get your first pet, shelter animals would be the best choice. Most of these animals are partially house-trained and are used to having people around them. When you choose to adopt them, you save them from fear and death.

Most of these shelter animals make obedient pets that had their happiness and comfort snatched away due to unfortunate circumstances. They don’t demand much. Make them feel safe and give them love and they would be the most faithful companion. They require little to no training and would adapt to your lifestyle very quickly.

  1. Cheaper than purebred pedigree pets – Ethical pet stores and breeders have good breeding practices. Buying a pet from them isn’t usually a problem. However, they can charge you astronomical amounts for a pet. From thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, you can get a rescue from an animal shelter for less than $500. If you get one from a high-volume government-run euthanization center, it won’t cost you more than $50.

However, the price advantage isn’t the only thing at play here. Some pet stores and shops often have purebred pets. However, that’s a very controversial practice. However, purebred animals are obviously the result of breeding within family members. Some people do it to obtain certain features in a breed while others do it just because people want pure bloodline in their pets for some reason. If you pick up such an animal, it’s going to have a lot of genetic defects and suffer from several health issues. That’s usually not the case with shelter dogs.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you should give shelter pets a chance. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to unethical breeders, get the same amount of love or more from the adopted pet, and may even get to save a life. Always adopt, don’t shop!

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